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Collection Inspiration


A Day At Sea

The Amita Naithani Resort 2020/21 Collection was truly inspired by a year of much uncertainty. In the chaos that was 2020 we took our minds elsewhere; to a day in the past at sea. This collection paints a visual of paradise morning to evening. 

Noise: You are sitting on a boat-sunbathing, you can still see the sand on the coast but can’t make much more out than that. You take a deep breath in and realize for the first time in a long time you hear yourself breath. You are away from all the noise, it is only you and the sea.

 You look below at the crystal clear water; shimmering. You have stopped your boat just above what seems to be a reef that is littered with beautiful flowers of the deep ocean. The orange, pink, blues, and purples of the floral below moved with the tide. The strokes of color hold your attention as you begin make out more and more detail. As the waves move, so does the sun. 

As beautiful as the reef has been you pan you focus out and see the reflection of the sky. The perfect tie-dye of blue and white. As you lay on your back and enjoy the slight breeze you fall into a sleep. When you awaken you see the sky has changed to a beautiful melon colored orange mixed with cotton candy pink. You decide it is time to head back toward the mainland and as you drive back in the sky continues to move and there is now a deep lavender appearing. You find a place on the beach to sit and watch the ever-changing sky while squishing the sand between your toes. There is just enough light that you can see the sparkle of the sand crystals move as you move your feet through the sand; almost as a sequin of nature. The sky is getting dark and so is the water- a deep navy now looking far more mysterious than the once crystal clear reef you were once looking down into. In the darkness you still have the light that nature is giving you form the moon, casting a white gaze over all the once bright colors. The tide comes in and as the waves break you see a burst of white before they fall back into the sea. The day is over but now you will be left to dream. 

January 25, 2021 by Amita Naithani