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Big Sur, California

Look out onto a view where the ocean meets the sky.

Big Sur, California

 Campgrounds. Beautiful scenery. Mountain top views. Beach side lounging.

Experience one of the world’s most majestic coastlines in America with the unforgettable marvels of Big Sur, California.

Whether you’re the adventurous type looking to delve into an exotic sense of nature or just someone looking to relax in luxury with a gorgeous view, there’s something for you in Big Sur. 

Where to stay: 

Ventana Big Sur 

Ventana Big Sur

Stay at the Ventana with amenities that will satisfy any traveler.

Social House at the Ventana Big Sur

Slip away from the restlessness of your world and dive into the majestic allure that is Ventana Big Sur. At this luxurious resort tucked away in the mountain side of Big Sur, you can wake up surrounded by nature that's so close you can kiss the ski and breathe in the endless splendor.  Indulge in an intimate and private getaway at a place of unmatched beauty and serenity where you’ll feel the pull that has drawn spectators for centuries.

Take advantage of amenities such as the Social House lounge where you can gather with fellow travelers, play some pool and grab a bite to eat. The relaxing tranquility of this place is unforgettable. Whether you wish to experience a mountainous view or gaze upon the blue Pacific while enjoying a dip in the pool, this resort is sure to have you in awe.


Where to go:

Spa Alila

Spa Alila

Located within the Ventana Big Sur Resort, Spa Alila is described as being a sanctuary for your senses, a refuge to release the stresses and tension involved in daily life. This luxury spa is a setting that allows you to center your attention on the things that really matter.  

With an extensive list of treatments from the relaxing 60 minute Big Sur Facial to the Couples Big Sur Herbal Bliss, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your needs. Spa Alila also provides various private activities for those looking for exclusive treatments. These include movement treatments such as private yoga, tai chi or meditation classes as well as astrology readings and essence portraits. With such variety, every traveler is sure to find the perfect treatment to suit their desires.

Take a dip in the pool while enjoying a breathtaking view.

Ventana Big Sur

Where to eat:



This cliff-topping restaurant with breath taking views is a dining experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Located 800 feet above the Pacific, visiting the Nepenthe should surely be on your bucket list. With an extensive menu catering to the likes of just about everyone, you’ll find American classics such as burgers and roast chicken as well as an array of vegetarian entrees. Take a seat on the patio and enjoy views stretching down the coast overlooking the fog covered mountainous hills leading into the Pacific. Enjoy the hipster ambiance and cozy up to the fire pits located on the outdoor terrace. Enjoy a glass of wine paired with one of their exceptional desserts while taking in the views for a quintessential California experience. 

Where to explore:

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

McWay Falls

Enjoy picturesque views along the McWay Falls.

Big Sur draws you in with its magnificent charm. The drive alone will have you in awe, consumed by the fantasy that lies just beyond the California hills. Want an adventure with magical allure? Visiting one of the famous parks in Big Sur may do just the trick.


The ½ mile Waterfall Overlook Trail at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park could be one of the shortest yet most rewarding hikes on the planet. It’s nearly flat trek through the park leads you to an oceanfront overview with remarkable views of McWay Falls, a favorite spot of Big Sur natives. If looking for a bit more of a hike, then the 1 mile Partington Cove Trail may be for you. This steep but short hike takes you down a 60-foot tunnel that’ll lead you to a picturesque view of the rocky beach.

Travel off the beaten path and experience the simplistic luxury that is Big Sur, California. It'll leave you wanting to come back for more!



Amita Naithani, October 2018
December 02, 2018 by Amita Naithani